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Alternatives to the iPad in the Classroom

Over at ARS Technica, news about Joel Klein (you know, the NYC Superintendant who did not get along with the unions (Atlantic Article), who went on to Amplify, the educational branch of News Corp (Rupert Murdoch) to sell stuff. Like Android tablets. To students. NPR (National Public Radio) in the US interviewed Klein and added dissenting voices.

Klein at Amplifay
Joel Klein on the Amplify website

The Tablet looks nice, and is loaded with educational software. But there, the goodies end. At $300 it is cheaper than an iPad, but more than a Chrome Laptop (I have the Samsung one, at $250, and love it) and without a keyboard. Access to more software is $100 a year, unless you get the 4G version, then it is $180. (I round numbers). If you look closely, I think most of the apps can be used for free if set up manually. I would look carefully and consider the Chrome laptop as an alternative.

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