Follow the muse: Incidental Learning

When one thing leads to another, and from there to another thing, teachers refer to it as “incidental learning”. I remember giving a lecture on using the Web about 15 years ago. One teacher was concerned that students might wander and find something they were not supposed to. I explained about incidental learning, and how sometimes, that is the one thing we remember from a class session. I find that true still today.

Media MeltdownI was worried about losing data when Google closes its RSS Reader in July. I have been using Feedly for about 6 months, to the recent articles are no problem, and the feeds are no problem. But I have been tagging articles for years, have thousands of references all categorized, hundreds of hours of work. I didn’t want to lose that. Knowing I am never unique on the Internet, I figured somebody has already figured out a solution. A little googling, and the solution pops up Check Robxb’s entry). Ten minutes of massaging and cutting and pasting, and Bob’s Your Uncle (everything is OK). I now have all my years of work tagging articles into categories ported into Feedly.

Joe is Japanese homeAnd here is where the incidental learning comes in. I was testing Feedly to see if everything worked, and entered a tag which lead me to a comic book called Media Meltdown. I teach a media course and this is perfect for a reference or special project. Ordered at Amazon. And then comics lead me to the site Joe is Japanese. Another resource for my culture and society classes. And now, here with WordPress, writing about it, still incidentally. And still learning.

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