Google Reader closing, don’t despair

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The only constant in this world is that everything changes. Google Reader has been integral in building my knowledge base over the years since I discovered it (I think 2006). It is the online component of Google that I use the most, even more than Gmail. It is now coming to the end of its life.

Setting up an RSS Feed is also an integral part of my computer literacy, digital media and seminar courses. It is at the core of ongoing research students and I share with each other in my Information Technology class. Richard Byrne over at FreeTech4Teachers had similar feelings.

But not to worry. As Richard points out, Feedly is working on gapping the breach. Feedly is my preferred news reader too, providing a more esthetic, clean way to use Google Reader. It also works on Android and iOS devices as well as the web. Both platform Apps have seen remarkable improvements in how they work. Soon I hope they will get Evernote integration right.

But Feedly uses your Google Reader as a source. It seems that Feedly has been expecting this and have built an API clone (the connecting software) to make Feedly work alone, without Google Reader. So now rest assured, that your RSS feeds (best tech of the last decade) will still operate.


Now, all I need to do is find a decent replacement for iGoogle, also slated for its end later this year. feedly logo

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