Is Ed-tech screwed up?

Audrey Watters used to write for ReadWriteWeb (now readwrite), one of my favorite sites. She went solo and now is at Hack Education. She speaks at a lot of ed-tech conferences and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. (Yes, ed-tech, like education, is now seen as an industry.)

LearnBoost LogoToday she is writing about one ed-tech startup, LearnBoost, and the fact that the CEO is leaving. This is only an introduction to a lot of musing on ed-tech and how the industry is going down the wrong path (or at least most of the money is chasing the wrong ideas). She advocates for a resurgence of open source educational tools (I agree), and how silos are being thrown up so that universal access through the web is becoming endangered. Apps, for example. A perfect example of something that is usually easily created using HTML5 is done in iOS or Android and is therefore limited. I don’t blame the developers, but I do see the rush away from Open Source and Open Education Resources as a mistake in the long run, for students and teachers. Don’t follow the ed-tech companies down that road.

We just finished a 2-week “chapter,” one of 5 chapters, at ETMOOC, the best MOOC I have ever participated in (and I have done quite a few), on Open Resources in education. You can still join and look at the archives if you want. We have moved on to the final “chapter” on Digital Citizenship today.

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