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New LMS in town: Languagecloud

Our first guest post. Theresa over at languagecloud lets us in on the development end of an LMS (Learning Management System), this one targets languages.

Languagecloud logoMy name is Theresa Yuko Sherry and I’m part of a small team working on developing a Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed for language teachers and language education.

TheresaI met one of the co-founders of Language Cloud, Billy Martyn, while we were both working at Bloomberg and he later asked me to join his team. His vision was clear: to inject new technology into the stagnant language education market to help Japan realize its goal of adopting English as its second language.

Using Language Cloud, teachers will be able to create syllabi, assign homework, mark up assignments and manage student performance, while students will be able to submit assignments electronically, monitor their own progress and collaborate with classmates, even if they are half way around the world. We believe Language Cloud will help free up valuable time for teachers and help enhance the learning experience for students.

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But how is Language Cloud different from any other LMS, you may ask. There are plenty of LMSes available on the market today, but what we realized was that they were all developed for general education, rather than language education.

Together with our LMS tools, we will be developing specific algorithms that will detect commonly made grammatical and vocabulary errors in various languages, thereby helping teachers and student track performance better.

We’ve also optimized our platform for mobile devices. Mobile phones have become such an indispensable part of our lives, so much so it’s become almost impossible to live without them. Integrating learning and teaching tools into mobile devices will allow users to learn and teach on the go, wherever they are and whenever they want.

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Tech savvy teachers and students have been utilizing a variety of software and apps to supplement their teaching and learning styles. The biggest limitation of these tools, ranging from markup and grade keeping tools to flashcard apps and language games, is that they are individual stand-alone tools and they aren’t sharing information or data with one another. Language Cloud will bring all these tools and data together into one centralized platform.

Take for example a student who has been consistently making the same spelling mistake in their assignments. Language Cloud will take this data and will let the flashcard app that the student is using know about this weakness. The flashcard app will then test the student more rigorously on this word rather than words that the student already knows, thereby streamlining the learning experience.

The Language Cloud App Center, which we plan to release this Summer, will be the central marketplace of educational apps, games and content from leading ELT publishers. We also plan to have a self-publishing functionality, where teachers will be able to sell their own course materials, textbooks and lesson plans to Language Cloud users around the world.

Please visit our website ( to try the demo. We will be releasing the new syllabus, gradebook, markup and question set tools in the coming weeks and registration will be reopened in March.

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  1. I heard about language cloud at TESOL 2014 in Portland, Oregon. I like the concept,and I look forward to seeing a more developed site in the near future. It seems that the site is still in its beginning stages.

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