Social Learning: Thank you Teacher2Writer

Teacher2Writer LogoTo pay for my iPad, I cancelled my newspaper, which was local anyway. Instead, at breakfast, I Flipboard through curated news on all fronts. This morning, a Facebook entry from ELT Teacher2Writer popped up. This is a very interesting experiment in publishing that I hope will flourish. It matches up writers and publishers for ELT materials. The only drawback I see is that there is no entry point for tutors, the ones who write to train teachers how to write texts, materials and references. All are “best selling” authors. No ramp up here. But for someone interested in getting published, entering your name in the database may lead to some writing.

The “best selling” authors who write tutoring material for the organization. Teacher2Writer HowToI teach a course in Digital Literacies, one of which is “Crap Detection” (Howard Rheingold’s new book Net Smart is the kindle textbook, but that is another story). Noting a need to sharpen the focus and adapt Critical Thinking for my ELT students, I downloaded the book and finished breakfast while I read the guide. Critical THinkingTook about an hour, but there are many ideas and hints that will help to improve all of my work with students (mid-level university in Japan, 3rd and 4th year English majors). Just the right amount of information, practically oriented with specific examples, and ways to generalize. Well worth the price. Author Paul Dummett describes himself as a teacher/writer, one who doesn’t do many panels or conference presentations because he prefers to teach. His hands on approach was very appealing.

The one drawback to the book, a Kindle edition, was that it was a little too UK centered. He assumed a knowledge of language levels (A1..B2…etc) that were what I thought UK, but turned out to be European standards.  But that was 30 seconds of Googling.

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