Control the tech, control the pedagogy?

We have faculty that are tenured who blithely ignore technology and its advances. A cassette player still gets used at one place I teach. On the other end we see Ministries and Boards of Education wrestling over budgets, with an eye on technology as some kind of white knight, galloping in to deliver an education at an affordable price. From Ontario:

The real transformation that is now occurring is in relation to the pedagogy within institutions rather than the nature of the institutions themselves.

The MOOCs are a cauldron of experimentation, and the big move forward is with big data, collecting learning artifacts from thousands of students. With the big data will come learning analytics, the next step in the compartmentalization of the teachers job. Edx just announced new writing analysis software to evaluate papers written for their MOOCs. The early bird gets the worm, but the more cautious university is like the second mouse, who gets the cheese. MOOCs are incubators, on the bleeding edge.

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