Panthea Lee on Design Research
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Learning Design and Design Based Research

The word design has been rumbling around the field for a long time. But two events have happened recently to bring the word, and questions about its use, into focus for me. Design, of course began with, well, design. Fields like architecture fit it well, but then started expanding. (Historical note: Dean Barnlund, architect, became well known for his books on interculture, or at least US/Japan cross-culture in the 1980’s).

Pretty soon, we were seeing the word design applied to all kinds of non-physical things. The D in TED is for Design. Then today, Brian Lockwood tweets about his new favorite website. The Third Teacher is a company that designs learning experiences. A group of architects, educators, innovators, techies and others can design a specific learning experience. (hmmm).

Research can be designed too. Not the old fashioned research design questions, but a new way to do research, patterned after the quick processes of reiterative programming. Rebecca Hogue posts a nice summary of her experience with Design Research. This is all very new to me, and a bit off the map for a teacher, but with Action Research, and other methods, we must keep up with how knowledge gets made.


Or check out Panthea Lee with a great introduction to Design Research in general. One of her graphics included below.

Panthea Lee on Design Research
Panthea Lee on Design Research


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