Rosetta Stone buys Lexia

The folks over at ELTjam follow news in acquisitions. First it was LiveMocha, a site that started out as people sharing their talents for languages, swapping support for learning a new language, then was purchased by Pearson, who sold it to Rosetta Stone. (Note, that this is not all bad. LiveMocha got a makeover that renders it more useful, even though it encourages payment more. Still ways to connect there to other learners without.)

Now Rosetta Stone has purchased Lexia, which specialises in reading software, some for EFL, mostly for kids. Can’t help but feel a little like the days of Blackboard encircling Moodle. This can’t be good. I never understood why Rosetta Stone was so popular. It is Berlitz on a disk. And I started teaching at Berlitz and got fired after 3 weeks. Glad I stuck with it and found what real language teaching was about.

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