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Telepresence with an iPad

doubleroboticsYou might have a student in the hospital, or a teacher away at a conference who wants to attend a meeting. Either way,  DoubleRobotics just might have the solution for your communication needs. They are offering a Telepresence system which is much more than a standard video conference call. With their new Double, you can use an iPad to command a robot anywhere in the world. The system requires two iPads; one with which to control the robot and act as your view to the remote location, and the other to perch atop the robot and and act as your telepresence via live video. The operator can move the robot around the remote location and easily interact with the people there via video.  You have to watch the video to believe it.

It is currently selling for $2,500, and there is a 10 week wait, but still. Want.

This could be an interesting solution for offering remote tours or bringing guest speakers to the classroom. The price is a bit high, but the potential is quite interesting.

How would you use the Double in your context?

Picture from Uncrate.

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