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An Educational Mile-High Club

I’m writing from Indonesia at the Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia conference (#TEFLIN). I’m here to take part in group presentation on a topic unrelated to Digital Mobile Language Learning; training experienced teachers to teach in an English as a Lingua Franca program.

So, what about the educational mile-high club?

E-learning for travelers

During my flight to Indonesia I set aside my iBook and dove into some of the latest film releases on the Malaysia Airlines entertainment program. To my surprise, apart from the standard audio, news, television, animation and games on demand, I  found…

An e-learning program designed specifically for travelers. Within the program I could learn about my destination, read or listen to summaries and excerpts  of some of the most seminal literacy documents,  tune-up on my Quran knowledge, and lastly, prepare myself to converse with a taxi driver at my destination.

Available in multiple languages

The Berlitz “World Traveller” program is a language learning program which covers most of the languages spoken in Malaysia Air destinations.Each language course covers essential vocabulary and useful phrases presented under the four main lesson headings of Numbers, Dates, Words and Dialog. For example, passengers can learn how to count, tell the time, ask and answer basic questions, and most importantly, learn a wide variety of travel-related vocabulary, such as food and accommodation. Apart from just learning, I enjoyed playing the language-related games. I failed miserably in the mini tests, and I learned pretty quickly my Indonesian pronunciation was poor at best.

So, there it is, an opportunity to join the educational mile-high club. A higher learning club!

Terima kasih banyak (Thank you very much!)

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