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Build a Course: Hybrid Pedagogy

One of the best parts of doing research and writing blogs is that you find really interesting, valuable resources. In my RSS feed, I have Stephen Downes’ OLDaily, which has been a treasure trove of links related to Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Today, he has pointed us to a Hybrid Pedagogy, and more specifically an article on Building an Ethical Class Online.  Sometimes you are able to find information so clear and elucidating, saying obvious things in a new light, or enlightening new perspectives, that it makes your day. As did this mine.

Hybrid Pedagogy

Most readers here put parts of their course online. It might be a simple web page, or a complete course, built in an LMS or in the wilds of HTML. I spent most of the summer adding Google Drive documents to my 12-year-old Moodle installation, designed to work with computers and now mobile devices. But I never stopped to think, as Jesse Stommel has, about the fact that “When we teach online, we have to build both the course and the classroom” and

Hybrid classes demand an even more complex architecture, requiring consideration of the physical space(s) we’ll work within, the virtual space(s), as well as the various ways we’ll move between the spaces.

Stommel goes on to give concrete suggestions to accomplish this feat of pedagogical juggling. Indeed, the whole blog, with more than two dozen contributors, looks at just this problem. Go to their home page and read the three focuses of the blog. I have added HP to my RSS feed, and will keep you updated on other outstanding articles.

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