DMLL at JALT2013 Kobe

All of your DMLL bloggers will be at the conference, so if you want to ply us with booze to blog about your favorite subjects, go for it! Below the fold are some useful links (courtesy of Ted O’Neill, JALT PR Director) for you if you are coming to the conference or even if you just want to see what’s happening!

Conference iPhone and iPad apps updated
JALT’s first iPad and iPhone apps for the conference have been updated
with a convenient complete handbook, links to all of our sponsors, and
a handy social events listing. Just go to “Updates” on your device.

If you haven’t installed it yet, search for JALT in iTunes. Or, visit
these direct links for iPhone <> and
iPad <> versions.

Onsite conference registration

Many people took advantage of the conference pre-registration
discounts, but you can always just come to Kobe and register onsite.
Walk in and join the full conference, or sign up for just one day or
JALT Junior. Registration opens at 4 PM on Friday and continues all
weekend. For more information, visit

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Technology in Teaching
There is still time to join the JALT preconference Technology in
Teaching (TnT) workshops on Friday, 25 October 2013. These are
practical, hands-on sessions geared toward keeping language teachers
up-to-date with educational technology. The workshops are led by
experts and topics include multimedia production, mobile learning,
course management systems, and web-based educational tools.
Participants are encouraged to bring along a Wi-Fi enabled computer to
these hands-on sessions.
Registration for TnT opens 12:45 on Friday.

For more information, visit <>.

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4. TESOL Affiliate Discount Program
As a member of JALT you may be entitled to a 25% discount on a new
TESOL membership. This is open to individuals who have not been TESOL
members in the last three years. Use the promotion code AFF13 and
select “JALT” as your membership affiliation. Visit

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5. New online publication “The Font”
“The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers”, is a new
Japan-based online journal on the theme of teaching and learning
languages at home and abroad. You’ll see several members of JALT in
their electronic pages at <>. Please do have
a look if you are in the mood for a creative and literary view of our

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6. Conference: “Self-Regulation in Foreign Language Learning: Shared
Perspectives,” Shimonoseki, 7-8 December 2013.
This symposium will feature keynote speeches by Dr. Garold Murray (The
social dimensions of learner autonomy and self-regulated learning) and
Dr. Yoshiyuki Nakata (Understanding our learners: What facilitates and
impedes their self-regulation in foreign language learning). There
will also be 12 other presentations sharing research results and
practical experience related to self-regulated learning, learner
autonomy, and learner development. Participation is free of charge.
For more information visit the conference website
<> or contact the conference
organizers <>. Supported by Kitakyushu
JALT, Shimonoseki City University, and JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number

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7. JALT2013 Restaurants 10% discount
The Portopia Hotel Kobe offers a dozen restaurants for snacks, light
lunches, or gourmet meals. Just show your conference badge to get 10%
off your bill. View all the options at

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8. Four Corners Tour
JALT2013 marks the 25th year of the Four Corners Tour. This is a great
chance to meet and learn from some of our international, plenary, and
featured speakers in a smaller, more interactive setting.

Rubina Khan
* 29 October Yokohama Chapter
* 30 October Kobe Chapter

Penny Ur
* 23 October Tokyo and West Tokyo
* 24 October Kobe Chapter at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
* 29 October Gifu and Nagoya Chapters in Nagoya
* 30 October Kobe Chapter
* 31 October Yokohama Chapter and CUE-SIG

Scott Thornbury
* 29 October Hiroshima
* 30 October Kobe Chapter
* 31 Hamamatsu/Toyohashi
* 1 November West Tokyo and Tokyo Chapters at Tokyo Keizai University
* 2-3 November Big Onsen Weekend in Sendai

Visit <> for details.

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