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QR Codes Made Easy

Tammy Worcesters PostIf you have ever decided to make QR codes for use in your teaching materials, you know that there is no shortage of QR code generators out there. While some offer graphic personalisation options, and other specific tweaks that give them their niche, sometimes simple is best.

One problem I often found when creating and collecting QR codes, is that they are not human-readable; I can’t tell which one is which. Sure, I would always plan to rename the file to something relevant, but it did not always happen. As such, I often found myself scanning the codes to find out what they were. Well, Google, and Tammy Worcester, have fixed this for us. Tammy has created a template in Google docs that will create, name, and organise your QR codes for you.

So, if you use QR codes to share links to mobile apps, feedback forms, assignments, or even for scavenger hunts, you just might want to save this Google spreadsheet template before you forget. It will go a long way towards helping you not only create QR codes in a simple way, but organize them as well.

BTW, Check out Tammy’s Tips of the Week when you get a chance. She has a lot of interesting tips in there.


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