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Sometimes maintaining a semi-dormant Twitter account comes in handy… These days I am not a very active tweeter, but I do share all of my DMLL blog posts to my PLN via the Tweetosphere. I assume it was because of this that @QRPhoria decided to start following my tweets recently. Afterall, I have posted about QR codes a few times recently.

So, just when I thought that I had written enough about QR codes in the last month, I followed up on this new Twitter connection to find a great new QR code customisation tool. Have you ever wanted to tweak your QR codes to make them stand out, or to make them match the color scheme of your documents and/or website? If so, read on.

QRphoria seems like a great QR creation tool that allows for enough customizations to keep even the most detailed oriented of us busy. The site starts out by giving you a choice of the Data Type which you would like to encode. They allow for a wide variety; everything from URLs to Locations and V-Cards. Once you have selected your data type and entered your data, the visual customization begins. There are 14 different QR code styles available, and the site also allows for color customization. If you are feeling a bit short on inspiration, they also have an ‘Ideas’ item on the sidebar that will offer some random suggestions for you.

Of all the options available, I find the Decrypted style to be the most useful. It is a style which makes use of a block text font to put your data in readable form in the graphic. As an avid user of QR codes, I find this feature exciting. Finally a QR code that I can identify with my own eyes. No longer will I need to scan a code to discover what it contains.

So, what do you think. Will you add QRphoria to your Teacher’s Toolkit?

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