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A Christmas Message from Tellagami

Seasons greetings from DMLL.Screenshot 2013-12-19 09.09.13

Thank you for supporting DMLL in 2013. I can assure you that the team at DMLL can’t wait to share the potential of DMLL for your language classroom in 2014.

Like my avatar?

Tellagami is a free avatar app for iOS and Android devices created by a group of heavy hitters who have worked for Apple, Yahoo!, Disney, Universal and Nickelodeon. In short, Tellagami enables you to create a short avatar video (called “gamis”). All the user needs to do is select an avatar and scene, insert a text and the app creates a short video, ready to be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook or SMS.

photo (3)The first bit of fun you can have with Tellagami is customising your avatar. You have a say in the gender, skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, fashion, emotion and background image. Users can also annotate the image and substitute background photos with photos from your camera roll.

The hook for me though, is the choice of accent. You can choose anything from a deep southern drawl to the Queen of England. I teach in an English as a Lingua Franca program and having the opportunity to share different styles of pronunciation with my students is a breath of fresh air from the British and American accents found in most textbooks and listening texts.

How I’ve been using Tellagami in my classes includes: creating a report for my classes and embedding it in my class blog or Learning Management System; sharing a gami to introduce homework tasks at the end of class; and using gamis  for short dictation tasks. Students have used this app to create class reflections and to tell short stories, which they post to the class’ blog or share inside the classroom.

Avatar annimation programs and computerised text readers are not for everyone, but Tellagami’s ease of use, customisation, and choice of accents make it stand out from the pack as a great choice for your language classroom.
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All the best for the holiday season.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message from Tellagami”

  1. Many thanks for the Tellagami reminder – I saw it reviewed on Richard Bryne’s blog in Sept and promptly forgot all about it even though I meant to give it a try. So good to see people using it. On that note how do you use it in class / messaging students etc or some other way?

    Anyway all the best for the holiday season.



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  2. PS for the class usage if you could forward some examples privately of students (and your usage) that would be great as probably best not to have them public.



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