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Wiglets: Applied to language learning?

Lots of bright shiny toys appear on my screen. One of the first questions I ask, “Can it be applied to language learning?” Case in point: Wiglets. A kickstarter campaign (ends June 3) that uses augmented reality, or information digitally projected onto a camera feed of “reality”.


In this case it is for a children’s book. The book, when used with a camera-ready internet-connected device (smart phone or tablet), places cute little animated animals that follow physics and screen gestures by the reader to extend the story in the book, which is a collection of different backgrounds like a hillside or forest floor.

Here are some apps already available at wiggleplanet. They show the care that went into the design of the creatures, but also how they are applied as entertainment and learning tools for kids.


This one has me stumped. I know the technology could be adapted for language learning, and not only with kids. I just can’t get to any specific application ideas. Maybe someone out there who is more creative can leave a comment.

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