Connected Courses

Connected Courses new MOOC about MOOCs without using the word MOOC is about to start on September 15. The line-up of speakers and leaders is outstanding. Jim Groom, Alan Levine, and Howard Rheingold are getting people set up for the class now. This entails getting your blog linked to the course. Most of the content is created on individual blogs and aggregated at the site. To participate you write blog posts after reading and discussing with other members.

CC2014Week 1 starts off with speakers like Cathy Davidson, Mike Wesch and Randy Bass. And goes on from there with top people in the field.

The University of California Irvine has sponsored this 12-week course about how to make open courses, and more important, why open courses are going to change education. This looks like the best prepared course of its kind I have seen, but will keep you updated on the content. But I do recommend this to anyone interested in developing online open courses in the future.

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