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App recommendation: Tripcase


This summer break, I joined two THT programs, one in Vietnam and the other in Kyrgyzstan. I booked my flight on the Vietnam Air website and was invited to use the app Tripcase. It was a revelation. (their Youtube channel is here). More below the fold…
What Tripcase did for me was to plug into the airline announcement systems so that you get a message 2 hours before your flight leaves. If it is delayed, you get a message. You can also choose to have email messages sent to other email addresses to let them know that you have left, you are arriving, etc.

For Vietnam Air, I only had to click on a link in my confirmation email and was asked to make an account at Tripcase. then my flight schedule was uploaded to Tripcase. No surprises, but my wife got a message when I took off and landed.

When I went to Kyrgyzstan, because I took students, I had to use the campus travel agent, so it wasn’t a one-touch operation, but when I entered the information about the flight, it went to the appropriate database, found the flight info and then passed on flight updates. When the Air Astana flight from Bishkek to Almaty was delayed 2 hours, my iPhone passed that message on to me and we were able to take our time getting to the airport.

You also have the ability to simply forward your confirmation emails and Tripcase will parse them and create your trip. You can also follow someone else’s trip (anyone sending their kids out into the wide, wild world would appreciate that) and you also have the ability to view your old trips.

As with all new apps, there are some teething pains. My wife says that the email format changed from my first trip to the second. Some people may balk at sharing all the details of where they are going. The app is designed primarily for those ‘road warriors’ who are going on weekly business trips, meeting with clients, etc. But even for the occasional overseas trip or the multiple flight domestic trip, the app is a keeper.

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