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PenPal Schools: Share a course with native English speakers










For those who want to try something new in their classes there is an opportunity for interaction with English native speaking students in many different countries.

I have known Joe Troyer for years through PenPal News. He started by putting students together on the web, much like Pen Pals. As it grew, he began to put together entire classes. I have not been able to participate because it has been limited to high school age.
This year, PenPal News is expanding and has over 30,000 people involved. Because it now serves university students as well as international students, the opportunity is open to us all. And fortunately, the schedule is right for those of us in Japan. If you sign up by October 15, you can start on October 27 for the six-week session, with 6 topics like Immigration, and Poverty.
It is designed to be self-contained so you could do most of the work outside of class. But I am going to integrate these topics into discussion to facilitate their outside work.
Take a look at the details. I will be doing it with about 50 students; 2 sections, plus a few who are just plain interested.
You might be too.

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