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Tuesday is for Tools: CNN Student News

Last week we looked at Newsela, good for reading and writing activities, and some discussion. (Note: this is a bonus on Friday, so you get two tools this week).

A good complement to Newsela is CNN Student News. Each week day, a short 10 minute program of simple news is available at CNN. The stories are taken from recent news and can sometimes overlap topics with Newsela.
The current day is not actually the best program to watch, because there is no script. After a day, a script is created, so the older programs are better.

Each 10-minute show usually has 3 stories, with a few short activities added. To exploit the 3 stories, I have found this successful with third-year students:
30 minutes total: Groups of 3 students. Part 1, all students watch entire 10 minutes. Part 2: Students choose one story each, and become an “expert” on that story. Intensive study of vocabulary using script, and possible research into unknown concepts. Students usually watch at least 2 more times. Part 3: Students explain details to each other, 3 minutes each to complete comprehension. Optional: Homework writing summaries of sections, bring them next class for review, or compare to other groups.
NOTES: CNN follows US school year, so it ends in the middle of June. Other times of our year are covered.

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