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Kifi: What if Google and Evernote had a child?

KifihomeSometimes I get a queasy feeling when I try out new software like Kifi. Because it works so great, I am worried I will have to switch from my tried and true software to this new unknown thing. This happened in 1994 with a new search engine called Google. It happened when I discovered Evernote, where I now keep what I call “my memory extension”.

Kifi2So it is with Kifi. I am new to this software, but that queasy feeling is there. Kifi works great. It combines elements of a good search engine, adds some machine learning (similar to AI, or artificial intelligence) so that it learns about my preferences and makes suggestions. But it is more than that, it keeps web pages and allows me to organize them with notebooks and tags, much like Evernote. The place that makes me queasy is that it can also allow for easy collaboration. I can share links with friends or students, and we can comment on them. A little like Google+ in that threaded conversations allow us to work together on a research project.

Kifi_•_Your_Recommendation_List_and_Evernote_PremiumThe learning curve is shallow, with tools and suggestions popping up just at the right moments. If you use Chrome browser (and you should), get the extension, so you can make adding pages to your collections even easier. It adds a button at the bottom right of the browser window, ready to add pages. Come back and ask me about this in a couple of weeks. I have to add this to my phone to take it everywhere.

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