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Tuesday is for Tools: RefMe: Biblio creator

Refme screen shot

There are a lot of bibliography makers out there, and a lot of tools for making bibliographies, like the ubiquitous easyBib or the classic but still capable CitationMachine. There are the wonderful but much more complex Mendeley and Zotero, more content managers with biblio creators.

But if you want something very simple yet very adaptable, try refMe. It does a ton of formats (Chicago, Harvard, APA) and guides you through data collection online step by step, perfect for our students. It creates a bibliography that you can export and further edit if you need, to, but this is rare. The types of citations are in a list as long as your arm, including things like patents and legal bills, as well as the more standard journal articles, books and chapters, web pages and videos. And yet, the page format is elegantly simple.

You can download the App to your phone, and go to the library and scan the bar codes on the back of most modern books to get the citation automatically. If you use Chrome browser, you can add an extension button at the top right, so when you find a good resource on a web page, one click, and the citation is added to your project. Also recommended by Richard Byrne at Free tech for teachers.

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