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Tuesday is for Tools: url shortener and QR code generator

Google_URL_ShortenerWhen you have a blog named, like we do here, you might need a url shortener. If you make any Google Drive docs or sheets, and tried to share them, you will notice they also have urls that are way too long to copy. There are lots of url shorteners out there. But has some advantages. is the web address of the shortener. Copy and paste your long URL into the window, and click the blue button. Copy the resulting shortened URL and paste it into a link somewhere, or print it out. The resulting shortened url, without the beginning, can be typed into the location window of any browser. Try it. Type (careful of capital/small letters) and it will take you to DMLL, this blog. You can use this with any page on the web.

DMLL Home page QR CodeTwo big advantages here. Take that link, add a .qr on the end, and you can get a qr code link to your page in seconds. Try it., will get you this:

QR code readers are available on almost any smart phone these days, and your students probably know how to use them. You can print QR codes out and put them in a brochure or a handout. Lots of other uses too.

The second big advantage is that Google monitors how many times each shortened URL is used, with qr code or without. I use it to get a rough idea how much my homework assignments are getting read. We can see that my link pointing students to my duolingo account was very successful, with 78 clicks.

Google_URL_Shortener 2

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