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Synergy in Assessment: Vgotsky, Glaser and Rasch

CourseraI have read all three of these authors, and read about them, and used their ideas in teaching and in class. Vgotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development fits well with social learning afforded by the Internet (and earlier, with Krashen’s i+1). Glaser’s insistence on creating specific criteria for learning, instead of just comparing one student against the other, leads to better teaching. Testing the test with Rasch Analysis (for entrance exams!) yields both better exams and better criteria for evaluation.

But it wasn’t until today, taking the Coursera MOOC Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills, did I ever see anyone put all 3 together, and see how well they work together.

Best thing is that these ideas are just background to new assessment methods for new skills such as Collaborative Problem Solving. This course is now in Week 3, approaching the mid-point, but there is still time to catch up. Highly recommended.

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