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TED ED, videos for education, shared

Most of you are already familiar with TED, the website with thousands of inspirational and informative videos. Those videos often have subtitles, and even translations.


TED ED builds on TED, and expands to all YouTube videos, and includes tools for learning. You can take any YouTube video, add activities in three areas: Watch, Think, Discuss. Watch allows teachers to add pre-questions, or comprehension questions to the video. Think is a place to add materials such as text and links to other resources. Discuss is a place for your students to exchange ideas in an online forum.

You can set up your own class, for privacy, or open up to the world. The best thing about these videos and activities is that they are Open Source. You don’t have to start from scratch, you are free to take any Lesson and make a copy, and make changes from there. You then share your new adapted lesson with others so they can do the same.

Watch the Tour video for details.

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