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Tuesday is for Tools: Lesson Writer

Ever need to create a vocabulary, grammar and comprehension lesson based on a text or a video? With only a few minutes, you can make a printable lesson for your student using Lesson Writer.



With a pro account ($60 a year), you can increase the size of the text you are preparing, as well as administer it online, checked automatically and results added to a grade book. I use it mainly because it is both thorough and fast.

I rarely use the Manage and Collaborate features, but they can provide lessons created by other people, or by the staff. I find the Teach section so easy to use, I spend most of my time there.

ChoiceThe program takes you through a series of choices (Use video or text?) You add the text, or simply enter a URL of a web page. Answer a few questions, then you have a choice to let the program create the lesson, or you do it yourself. I usually use Detailed, because I like the control, and it doesn’t take so long, especially after you learn your way around the options.

You can work with the program to develop a whole set of exercises about the text, and then print them out for photocopying and distribution. You can create a lesson plan in minutes with the help of Lesson Writer.

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