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Choosito! Graded Search Engine

The Internet is now your graded reader.

Choosito__-_Search_-_Web 2Built for K12, this search engine filters for level of reading and subject, to make searches by teachers for materials much quicker and easier. Choosito! has teaching tools built in allow classroom sharing by students too. Good critical thinking tools as well. This looks to become a great tool in the arsenal of any EFL/ESL teacher.

Choosito__-_Search_-_Web 3Enter a search term, select any of 4 reading levels, and subject areas if you like. The search engine does take a while, so let it work for a minute or two in the background. This will certainly cut my search time for authentic materials at the appropriate levels for my students.
Choosito__-_HomeBesides search, there are some great tools for teaching as well. Besides the safe (filtered) search, there is a place to add your students to a class, so they can share links. Search can be limited to the Choosito! library, sites selected by other users. Both students and teachers can rate sites (good for critical thinking) and see ratings by others.

Since this is a new site, the library is small but growing. The rubrics for evaluating web sites needs work, with some of the rating questions being negative (If the site is hosted by a company, I do not feel that the content is more of an advertisement than information.), do I say “yes” or “no” ?

More on this after I use the classroom tools, which include classrooms and groups, so you can subdivide the class. There is a place on one menu for Pricing, but for now it is free. I would guess that classroom management will eventually cost, but don’t mind supporting such a great tool.

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