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Links in HTML

html-154434_640This is the most basic tool I have done in this series, and the most useful. Hypertext is creating a bigger change than the printing press.

This is the 50th Anniversary of the word Hypertext. Coined by Ted Nelson, he foresaw in greater detail the concepts first espoused in Vannevar Bush’s Atlantic article As We May Think, in 1945.

Tim Berners Lee wrote the code that the web works on. It is called HTML, Hypertext Markup Language. The most basic element is a link. A link has 3 parts. The anchor, the link and the target. There are many ways to make a link, and they are getting easier. In HTML, you make a link like this.

<a href=“”>Visit our HTML tutorial</a>

Here is a nice tutorial (video) about how to do it. And a reference to the different kinds.

But most people use other software to make their links, making it much easier. Google docs, for example (English) (Japanese) (video). On your mobile it is probably even easier. Please explore.

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