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Bibblio and curated search

If your  students are overwhelmed by search results at Google, you may want to give them a set of training wheels in the form of a curated search engine. Teachers and other students select results so that the search engine only returns the best. They also are the safest, if that is important to you or your younger learners.


Enter a search term and Bibblio returns a list of sources tailored to classroom research. You can select which kind of media you want (Video, Books, Visuals, Audio, Articles), and you can sort by Top Rated, Most Visited, Most Shared and Most Recent. Your search terms end up in a small window on the top right, with suggestions for narrowing that search.Bibblio___Search

Bibblio* is just getting started, a new beta, but a promising one. Right now, the content is skewed toward videos, and there is a distinct lack of articles and books. I would expect this to be resolved quickly, but for now, it looks like the selection is still mechanical. They are depending on crowdsourced selection, which will vastly improve the results. So please, keep checking in until it is ready for class.

I just want to echo back to two related posts here. The first is Choosito! a search engine for K-12 that allows you to set the difficulty of language of the results. The second is InstaGrok, a mind-map with attached resources like video, articles, images and concepts. You can also add notes and save your searches, which makes this the best writing tool.

Check them all out and decide which is best for you.

*Notice the extra B in Don’t use .com, the autocorrect dumps you at a different site.

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