Practical Teaching Ideas

Kaiten Presen


Kaiten Presen are raw, bite sized presentations of unedited, unscripted, impromptu speech. Kaiten Sushi is the japanese name for “Rotating Sushi”. Kaiten Presen are “Rotating Presentations”.

I must give credit where credit is due, this idea was inspired by the CUE Forum at the JALT 2015 International Conference, in Shizuoka. At the conference, presenters gave 5 minute pecha kucha style speeches at small tables, and then the audience rotated around the room to a new table while the speakers stayed in place.

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Materials: smartphones

  1. Divide students into groups of between 4-6 members.
  2. Have the members sit around a table facing each other.
  3. Assign one student in each group to be the “lucky person”. I specifically use this language, though certainly seen as a joke by students, to place a positive spin on presenting in English.
  4. Give the “lucky person” 1 minute to find an image of something they want to share with the group. This is essentially a show-and-tell.
  5. Give them 3 minutes to talk about the topic they have chosen.
  6. Give the listeners 1 minute to ask questions.
  7. Have the “lucky person” stay where they are, and have the listeners all move to another table. Have the class move in a rotation so that the listener groups stay together as they go to a new table with a new “lucky person”.
  8. After each listener group has heard the 3 minute presentations from each “lucky person”, review the content discussed by each “lucky person” as a class, asking the class to remember what each speaker talked about and what they learned. Make sure to have the audience applaud for each speaker.
  9. Assign a new “lucky person” for each table, and repeat.

This activity seems well suited to larger classes where traditional speeches are fraught with nervous speakers and silence from the audience for 90 minutes.

Students are generally nervous at the beginning, but excited and confident by the end. They are able to talk about the same topic each time with a new audience, and this seems to improve their fluency. They are generally smiling and boisterous by the end.



Asia CALL 2015

This years Asia CALL will be held in Xi’An, China, at the Xi’An Aeronautical University
(Nov 27-30)


Keynote speakers include:

  •  Professor Dr. Jozef Colpaert of the University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Professor Dr. Philippe Martin of the University of Paris-Diderot, France
    University of Toronto, Canada
  • Professor Dr. Zeng Yongqiang, president of the Guangdong Teachers’ College of Foreign Languages and Arts, China

We are excited to hear from anyone who is able to attend. Please post your feedback below if you have a moment to spare. Thank you!


JALT 2015


This November (20-22) the international JALT conference will be held in Shizuoka City.
Here are a few of the highlights:

Plenary speakers: 

  • Jean-Marc Dewaele
  • Joan Kang Shin
  • Tomoko Yashima

Technology in Teaching (TnT) Workshops: Friday 20th November, 13:30 – 19:00

CALL Forum: Saturday the 21st from 5:50-7:20 pm. Featuring some of our favorite superstars like Renaud Davies, and Paul Rain. Be sure not to miss it.

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