What is DMLL?
Digital, Mobile, Language Learning: While DMLL echoes the ideas of CALL we also emphasize the rapidly changing digital landscape, particularly with the boom of personal devices brought on by the smartphone era. Part of that can be seen in our content which features mobile technology heavy; and, part of that can be seen in the medium we use for publication which is completely digital, visual, and optimized for reading on mobile devices.

Who is behind DMLL?
DMLL is currently being supported financially by the JALT CALL SIG. But the real people behind DMLL are the editors, the authors and the readers. It is free to all, and free for all to contribute.

Which topics are you interested in?
Digital. Mobile. Language. Learning. Anything involving these four concepts is of great interest to us, and it is these concepts on which all content in this site will be based.

Do you pay for articles?
This is a totally voluntary endeavor aimed at sharing, discussing, and developing DMLL knowledge and skills.

What can I do?
Pitch us your idea for an article. If we like it, we will add you as a contributor and let you draft it here. Our editors will then make suggestions for revision, and give you opportunity to craft your work into a state-of-the-art modern style educational blog article. Editors work together to make decisions and manage the site.