Ever flipped your class?

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In one of my more recent discussions with fellow DMLL author, Dan Ferreira, I couldn’t help but get caught up in his excitement for flipping  a number of his classes in 2013. Ever since this meeting, I’ve been considering how I could tweak some of my classes for the fall. This interest led me to Shukri Nordin’s presentation at TEFLIN Indonesia conference entitled “Exploring the flipped classroom model as a means of increasing learning outcomes of English language”.

Shukri, a teacher trainer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia shared his experiences introducing other teachers to this approach. He identified students’ access to digital devices, internet access, the technical know-how of teachers and how a teacher balances out-of-class and in-class tasks effectively as the biggest challenges in the Malaysian context.

Shukri is investigating pre-service teacher trainees’ development of metacognitive strategies towards learning technologies as part of his PHD studies. He’s found that a flipped classroom model can be used as a tool for getting the data that he requires for this study. As a result, Shukri is very interested in finding out about other English teacher’s experiences with flipping their classrooms. Please feel free to share your experiences as a comment on this blog or contact Shukri via email at: nmshukri (‘at mark’)

Shukri also wishes to welcome all teachers to the International Conference on Teacher Education in the Muslim World from November 12th until the 14th.

Please enjoy a short interview of Shukri I made using my iPhone’s Super 8™ camera app.