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Functional Friday: A Fistful of gmail accounts

images (1)I hope I’m not going to anger the Google gods, but I have several Gmail accounts. One of them is mine, a second one I set up as a departmental email address, later repurposing it for homework assignments and the like. Another two accounts for volunteer groups I am in, and another account which acts as a second/back up address. To see how I deal with this, read on… Continue reading “Functional Friday: A Fistful of gmail accounts”

Tech for Teach

Google Classroom – a test drive


I was able to try out Google Classroom this week, and thought I would share some thoughts and screen shots. Basically, if you have access to Google Apps for Education, then Classroom streamlines organization and delivery of content in a walled garden approach, and provides some basic support for student assessment. So, its Google’s new LMS.

There are three main pages in the Classroom interface: STREAM which is the chronological presentation of announcements and assignments, STUDENTS/CLASSMATES which is currently only for sending e-mail, and ABOUT which is where access to a course syllabus or other static information can be given.

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Student reactions to Google Presentations

2014-05-22 14.12.43

I recently introduced Google Slides (formerly known as Presentation) to a group of students at Aoyama Gakuin University. For most of the students it was their first time to use collaborative software of any kind. I decided to conduct a little study to investigate their reactions to the software and using it to work together collaboratively on a single presentation.

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