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How far is 10 miles?


I’m writing from my family’s home in Noosa Heads, Australia, so my priorities have shifted to surfing with my dad and eating some home cooked meals.

However, this trip home has helped remind of an app I can’t leave home without. The GlobeConvert app (iOS) is as the name suggests, all about converting units. If you need some converting, this is your one stop shop. Currencies, areas, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume and weight values can all be converted into the measurement you seek. Continue reading “How far is 10 miles?”

Tech for Teach

SkyDrive? Or Google Drive?

Apple users may not be familiar with SkyDrive at all; but Microsoft and Google have been in competition for a while now trying to control the cloud computing experience with SkyDrive being Microsoft’s offering, and Google Drive being, well, Google’s. As a PC user, I am not up to speed on what Apple is doing on this front, but last I checked iCloud was not as much of a peer-peer collaborative environment as SkyDrive and Google Drive are attempting to be.  In any case, cloud computing has opened up tremendous new possibilities for teachers, both in the areas of collaborative learning and teacher development of web based materials. So, let’s try and sort out these two major players in the game.

Both SkyDrive and Google Drive have downloadable folders for file sharing which can be placed right in your explorer window (that’s like Mac’s Finder), and fit in seamlessly with your typical PC environment. Both can be used on multiple devices to share files with yourself on multiple platforms, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. Both can be accessed from web browsers on any device. Both use the same login password you would use for your e-mail and are directly tied to your e-mail (G-mail or Hot-mail/Outlook/Microsoft account). Both offer web app versions of popular software such as word/document and excel/spreadsheet. However, there are some major differences.

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