The biggest 2014 edtech event in Tokyo

Dear readers,

I wanted to inform you that this Saturday will see Tokyo’s biggest edtech event for 2014.


Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS), in conjunction with the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE), is hosting Paperless: Innovation and technology in education, on February 1st.

Apart from focussing on language learning technology, Paperless is aiming to bring new mediums and perspectives to education, while using technology to enhance the pedagogic practice. This one-day event will feature presentations on not only mobile learning, but also innovative techniques for flipping, enhancing and revolutionising one’s classroom.

When flicking through the PaperlessHandiBook, jammed in amongst some of the leaders in language education using technology such as Rab Patterson and Paul Raine, you’ll find a panel discussion about mobile language learning between regular contributors to DMLL, Dan Ferreira, Travis Cote, Simeon Flowers and myself. If you plan on heading to the event, be sure to track one of us down to discuss all issues DMLL. We would love to share ideas with you.

For those of you who are unable to attend, all talks in the main auditorium at the venue will be streamed live. Also, links to a lot of the presenter’s slides and other information can be found inside this PaperlessHandiBook or on the event’s website.


How are you going to grow in 2014?

Happy new year!2014-01-03 14.10.34
Now that 2013 has left the conversation, how do you plan on growing your teaching skills in 2014?
To help with your planning, I thought it would be worthwhile starting a discussion about some of the upcoming conferences with a focus on Computer or Mobile Assisted Language Learning. Please feel free to suggest any other events which would be of interest to DMLL readers in the comments section below.

Japan based

Paperless: Innovation and technology. Chiba. February 1.

The 6th international symposium on digital technologies in foreign language learning. Kyoto. March 29.

The Fourth Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom. Osaka. April 17~20.

JALT PAN SIG Conference . Miyazaki. May 10~11.

JALT CALL Conference. Nagoya. June 6~8.

The Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET) Conference (Japanese website). Fukuoka. August 4~6.

JALT International Conference.  Ibaraki. November 21~24 (Tech workshops will be staged on November 21 )

Asia based

CAMTESOL. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. February 22~23.

Language in the Online and Offline World. Surabaya, Indonesia. May 27~28.

Korea TESOL 2014. Seoul, Korea. May 31.

Asia TEFL 2014. Sarawak, Malaysia. August 28~30.

GLoCALL 2014 (Joint conference of Asia Pacific CALL and Pacific CALL). Ahmedabad, India. October 9~11.


TESOL 2014. Oregon. March 26~29. If you cannot make it, feel free to sign up for online presentations at the Electronic Village. Registration, January 6~12. (Online presentations begin on January 13)

CALICO conference 2014. Ohio, United States. May 6-10.

Second International Workshop on Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains: Lifelong Learning on the Move. Ávila, Spain. May 7~9.

Antwerp CALL 2014. Antwerp, Belgium. July 7~9.

EUROCALL 2014. Netherlands. August 20~23.

All the best for your professional development in 2014.