Coursera MOOC on EFL/ESL

Elizabeth Hanson Smith, Jeff Magato and Deborah Healey are hosting a five-week MOOC on teaching EFL or ESL at Coursera starting April 7. It is free and a great way for teachers to learn about MOOCs as well as polish their skills for the classroom. I will post more as the course starts. But do, join in.

Click on image to go to course.
Click on image to go to course.

I just finished one of the top 3 MOOCs I have ever taken (been doing this 6 years now) at Coursera, History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Ed, lead by Cathy Davidson, about tech and education. This was put together well, as well as the one on Gamification, by Kevin Werbach.

The other of the top 3? ETMOOC, in 2013 and the original Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK 2008). These last two are what are called cMOOCs, that rely more on participation and self organization.

Someone said that the difference between xMOOCs (like Edx and Coursera) and cMOOCs (connectivist MOOCs) is that in xMOOCs you watch a video. In cMOOCs you make a video.