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“HopTo”: A free 3rd party solution for Microsoft Office on the iPad.

Let’s face it, Apple’s recent attempt to “harmonize” the iWork user experience

HopTo: an app for managing Microsoft Office files on the iPad

across all devices is nothing short of a digital disaster.  Just read the Apple Support Communities message boards and you’ll learn very quickly that dumbing down Pages (Apple’s answer to Word) and Numbers (supposed to be like Excel) and Keynote (Powerpoint) not only enraged power users of iWork but has reminded us why Microsoft has been and will continue to be the industry standard for office software.

While iWork’s recent growing pains have given Microsoft shareholders much to cheer about, Skydrive’s monthly payment plan to use Microsoft office in the cloud has not taken off as expected. It just feels like a money grab (which might explain why Apple released iWorks for free). With Steve Ballmer stepping down rumours are flying about that Microsoft Office may yet be made available for the iPad. Until that day happens (if ever) there is a free cloud-base alternative to managing your Microsoft Office PC/Mac documents on your iPad. If you’re interested, read on.  Continue reading ““HopTo”: A free 3rd party solution for Microsoft Office on the iPad.”

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Is your go-to dictionary CamDictionary?

For me, one of the biggest kicks I get out of teaching is when I learn something new from my students. When it comes to learning about technology however, I find that I’m usually the one pushing technology onto my students. I suspect that one reason is because I teach in a humanities faculty rather than a faculty for computer science or engineering.

There are a number of outliers however. Enter, Ibuki.


Ibuki is being groomed to take over the reigns of his father’s seafood business. As this business requires a lot of trade with foreign suppliers, Ibuki is busy studying to pass the IELT’s test, so he can spend a year studying at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Ibuki comes to every class armed with his iPhone and iPad in hand ready for

action. He has helped me a number of times in the last year as a tutor for students who are a little slower with technology and he has been a wonderful source for feedback on some of the different approaches I have taken using technology.

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A Band-Aid LMS

mzl.uftambvwRecently I discovered an interesting add-on for Line users (see Steve’s post on Line) that most of my students were unfamiliar with, called Band. The Band app is nestled within the Line program as a quick add-on, so there is minimal action required for students to use it. Anyone can create a Band and invite others to join it. Within the App are extra tools not found in Line Groups, which can help any social or scholastic group to stay organized and maintain communication during projects. Line Band offers a social networking type mobile environment which is both iOS and Android optimized.

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